7 Essentials for your Living Room Decor Ideas in 2020

Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you relax, entertain, and spend time with your family and friends. It’s also one of the first places visitors see when they come to your home, so you want to consider it welcoming and comfortable.

Sometimes, finding decorating ideas for your living room or your home, in general, can be a bothering mission to achieve, if done on your own. Furthermore, you may have a mind’s eye or vision of what you want your home (or just a particular room) to look like, but simply you will be troubled by where to start.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our top tips for decorating ideas for the living room. From choosing the right furniture to picking the perfect paint color, we’ll help you make your living room a space you’ll love as much as your guests!

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7 Essential Tips for a Living Room Decoration in 2020- Open Source Image.

Decorating Ideas For Living Room on a Low Budget

It is not necessary for decorating your home to be costly, but well organized and planned with relevant shop drawings to facilitate the mission. It goes without saying that the less organization we have, the more expenses to expect. And it is totally normal…

The nightmare begins when turning this vision into a reality where many constraints will interlock with each other, leaving you suddenly in the middle of nowhere, and never finding your way out, unless… If this is your case or position, then you are at the proper place to learn a bunch of tutorials on how to manage your home decoration the right way to get the best results and solutions ever.

Actually, I did publish this post based on years of experience where I collected some helpful and valuable living room decor ideas that might help you solve your issues or enlighten your way until you reach your goals.

Therefore, let us start with the read until the end and benefit from those;

7 Tips to manage your living space properly

First, let us agree on one thing which is a fundamental rule to follow in our life in general; you cannot pretend the knowledgeability of all the professions in the world. This will be the silliest thing I ever heard in the community.

  • You might have good taste in fitting colors together or have home decoration as a hobby, but you will surely be missing an important fact here; which is the ability to turn it into reality.
  • You cannot understand the home design in all its detailed tricks and tracks to solve all the problems that might face you during the execution of the project.
  • That is why, and as tip number zero if we can say, and before the number one:

Hire an interior designer, or better, an architect, just to put your own ideas into the execution process. Those might be so grateful but hard to convert into reality. The main role of the Architect is to help his client translate his own ideas into a functional space ready for actual usage.

  • To be more expressive, who knows his needs better than the actual owner of the property? However, the main problem is to find a proper conversion of the mental visions into reality, and sometimes this will be the hardest part.

  • A smart long-experienced career designer can always find a way out of all unexpected problems and adopt the right solution.

So, for a complete rehabilitation project of your home, you must start from scratch at a specific point.

The living room is a good start since it is an important part of the house, where you entertain your guests as well as the place where you spend the biggest part of your day with your family.

Decorating your living with Those 7 Simple Ideas

Here are some helpful recommendations to track for awesome results:

1- Choose a theme to follow. It is a great way to work on a certain theme such as a traditional or modern style. In addition, you might like to work on a specific color instead; which will be a good idea too.

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Use original designs for walls and furniture- Open Source Image.

The colors can be a source of motivation, depending on how intense they are and how warm or cool they are.

2- The focal or center point (center of attraction). It is important to work on a specific point that can be either the center of attention or the focal point (i.e. the first thing that you notice when entering a room).

The focal point can be treated as giving it the ability to be notified when we first access a specific space; in other terms, the target might not be originally a point of attraction but it can be easily transformed to fill this purpose.

Build the focal point around a great lamp, an eye-catching chimney, or a valuable piece of furniture.

3- Choosing the Furniture and Layout that are right for you. As we all know, the living rooms are meeting places, which means a place to interfere and communicate. So the layout of the furniture should be managed carefully.

The dimensions and the scale of the room must be taken into consideration, as well as the number of people expected to fit inside. The furnishings’ sizes should be according to room proportion.

➤ Read more: For further information about managing small spaces and more about living room design ideas in 2020, click here. In addition and for further info on the rehabilitation of home spaces, read my previous article on the strategy I followed in my home improvement project for a practical example of the topic discussed above.

4- Walls and ceiling finishing. As we are talking about the living room, the relevant walls are covered with more formal materials and colors than other rooms in the house because it is a public space. As a result, make it a welcoming room that shows your personality. Choose wall coverings or treatments that reflect your personal styles, such as calm and relaxing colors and textures.

5- Choosing the right flooring for you. The floor covering, which means the tiling, should be esthetically related and fit with the general theme defined earlier. If you prefer a less bolded floor to allow focusing on furniture or art, a solid neutral floor is advised with a light color though.

Hardwood flooring is the most popular choice for living rooms, but on the other hand, the benefits of ceramics and stone tiles are that they are less demanding for maintenance. Practically, take into consideration those two factors: the Easier Installation and the Maintenance, through cleaning and harmfulness.

6- Treat your windows the right way. Curtains and draperies can have a notable impact on the whole appearance of the room. It provides elegance and luxury in addition to the warm feeling it brings to the ambiance. An opening without any textiles installed feels a sensation of poorness and coldness even if it has great-looking framing work. It fills the void that is created around it by default.

7- Complete with the relevant accessories. It is a good idea, however, to complete the whole scene by integrating some art collections such as paintings for wall display. Don’t make the same mistake of hanging them too high on the wall; just low enough to relate to nearby furnishings. With so many options we have on the market, we need time to adjust all those facts by studying all the convenience and inconvenience of such a project, and of course, the budget expected to invest.

Talking about the cost, there are many options here to decrease the expenses smartly.

The paint is an example of what it was said; it is the least way to a deep and noticeable change in the decoration of any space, as you can do it yourself. Anyway, it’s good thinking to engage all the members of your family in those discussions to target the appropriate solution for everyone. After all, they are all living in the same house.

Finally, I hope this article did bring you helpful tips for a DIY tutorial. Happy renovating work!

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